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Tercümentral translation office, as a board member of Çeviri İşletmeleri Derneği "ÇİD"(Association of Translation Companies), which recently joined the EUATC family is putting the customer satisfaction first and growing together with its individual and corporate clients. Proud of having the most knowledgeable and experienced staff, our office takes quality, reliability and professionalism seriously, offering you the fastest and most convenient service as our ‘main philosophy’ in order to keep pace with the globalizing world, ever since the day our office entered the sector. This makes us a translation office offering professional services in the fields of technical, medical, academic and legal translation in many languages.

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Simultaneous Translation
As TERCUMENTRAL family, we provide complete solutions regarding simultaneous translation devices as well as providing professional conference translator via partner companies.
We provide the translators especially in the most needed languages such as English, German, French and Arabic. Our experienced and professional translators specialized in areas covered by these events translate in a sense the audience can understand the presentations in various languages as though they are in their native language.
Medical Translation
Compared to other fields of translation, medical translation requires scientific and medical experience. We have experienced translators who improved themselves especially at this field as we are aware that translation of scientific articles, reports and other documents is of great importance.
The ability to translate does not necessary mean to be successful in all fields of translation. Out medical translator team is comprised of specialist doctor translators. In this way, we offer services of high quality and diligence.

We are glad to offer you the best services within the shortest time by our professional team. We would be happy to work with you offering our broad experience.
Legal Translation
Tercümentral meets your legal translation needs in the most elaborate way with its expert team having the knowledge of legal terminology, public law and common law. Even the most complicated texts can be sent to you without a mistake after analyzed by our expert team.
Additionally, legal projects from various fields can be clearly translated as our professional team have a good knowledge of international law.
Commercial Translation
Commercial translation is one of the most important fields in the business life that you, our valued customers, care about. The way to adapt to global world is to be close to other languages and nationalities. So, we are just by your side for commercial translations to all languages while you are shaping your commercial life. So if you want to open up to the world and to have the bigger slice of the cake, we offer 7/24 service with our professional team.
You can trust our expert team for:
Translation of contracts of vital importance that you signed with banks,
Translation of your financial works,
Translation of your commercial offers as per the CONFIDENTIALITY principles,
Translation of international commitments to any desired language,
Translation of tenders you undertook in international arena,
Translation of documents obtained from vital meetings,
Translation of international correspondences.
Literal-Artistic Translation
Literal and Artistic texts contain figures of speech and metaphors. These texts can be listed as: articles, essays, stories, novels, poems, theatre, books and many others.

The essence of literal and artistic texts are preserved and translated without losing their figurative meanings. The translators of Tercümentral specialized in this field undertake these translations.
Financial and Economic Translation
Translation in the fields of finance and economy is achieved by combination of knowledge and experience as in other fields. For this purpose, the translators are required to have a good knowledge of the terminology of the language of translation in the financial and economic fields.
We provide the quickest and the most accurate translation of files regarding accounting, taxation and other financial fields with our sworn translator team.
TERCÜMENTRAL is assertive about having the most experienced translators in Turkey. We are glad to satisfy our valued customers with our financial and economic translation services.

Places Where You Can Get Translation Services

Places Where You Can Get Translation Services
Tercumentral is ready to serve you with best service wherever you are in the world.
Customs Translation
Importance of customs is getting bigger and bigger as our commercial possibilities in our global world are improving. We, Tercümentral, offer you sworn translation services for various languages, especially in English, German, Chinese, French, Russian and Arabic.
The documents you sent are completely translated without any mistake from source text to target text by our sworn translators.
Advertisement and Promotion Translation
The importance of advertisements in our global world is widely known. In this respect, we always remember that each advertisement translation to be made for you, our valued customers, is of vital importance for your firm. It is a fact that the more careful we are about your advertisement translations, the more valuable will be your company. If the translation of the advertisement does not carry the meaning that you want to convey to the audience, this will reduce quality of your advertisement.

We, TERCÜMENTRAL, would be happy to offer you our best services with our professional sworn translators.
You can easily trust us for your advertisement translations to reach the target audience through especially television, radio, internet, newspaper, billboard, cinema and magazine.

Translation of Documents Requiring Official Approvals

Translation of Documents Requiring Official Approvals
As Tercümentral, we are glad to translate any document requiring official approval in the best way with our sworn translator team. We are translating documents requiring notarization, visa application documents, passports, apostils, etc. from Turkish to English, German, Russian, Arabic, French, Chinese, Azerbaijani and from those languages to Turkish.
Simultaneous Interpretation
The word “simultaneous” means “done at the same time”. Compared to consecutive interpretation, it requires necessary equipment. The equipment required for simultaneous interpretation can be listed as follows: headphones, microphone, soundproof cabinet to host two interpreters and other technical equipment.


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