Website Translation

In order to take part in international markets, it is necessary to act primarily with technology. You can also do this by converting your website to the language of your targeted marketing. This will increase your competitive power because in a globalized world, no matter what country it is, hosting the language of that country in your company will always give you a great advantage.

But this has to be done correctly. Tercumentral enables translation to serve in many languages with its specially chosen translators. Thus, we have contributed to your participation in the markets of foreign countries.

Book, catalog, brochure, CD, DVD translation

For corporate customers or individuals: books, catalogues, brochures, and similar documents, Tercumentral Translation Bureau is responsible for the authenticity by staying faithful to the orignal.

We also perform deciphers and translations on CDs, DVDs and files with scientific visual or audio content with experienced translators who are in our structure in the best way, without compromising our quality, according to our customers' requests.

In all the languages that exist within our organization, we are offering web site translation and books, catalogues, brochures, CDs, DVDs translation services.

For more information please contact us at [email protected] or +90542 276 76 67.