Academic Translation


We are aware of the importance of our clients' academic translation demands for their careers. In addition to technical terms, these contents also require knowledge about the specialized field. Therefore, academic publications, theses, researches and articles are translated with a unique style.



In order to maintain the quality of these publications, we have created an experienced and specialized team of translators. As Tercümentral family, we provide trustworthy academic translations.


In addition to English Turkish, Turkish and English translations, you can get service from hundreds of different language pairs such as Spanish - English, Arabic-French.


For further information please contact us at [email protected] or +90542 276 76 67


As Tercumentral, some translations we have done in the field of Academic Translation are as follows:

Translation of Graduation, Master and PhD theses
 Translation of Scientific Researches
 Translation of Assignments
 Translation of Essays
 Translation of Academic Researches
 Translation of Conference Texts  etc.