Legal Translation

What Should be Considered in Legal Translations?

Since legal texts have a very rich content in terms of context and terminology, there is no room for errors in this kind of translations. Therefore, we would like to stress the vital importance of working with translation offices which have a specialized and experienced translator team for this documents, regardless of target and source languages.

The translations made in this field directly affect the rights of individuals and companies, whether they belong to corporates or individuals , and the slightest mistake will create negative consequences for the cases of corporations and individuals.

Therefore we, as Tercumentral Translation Office, proof-read each legal translation before submitting it back for customer approval.


What is the Margin of Error in Legal Translations?

Legal parlance contains very heavy technical terms which are not being used in daily language. Thus, thanks to our experience on international legal terminology which consists of thousands of pages of legal translations, term-bases and translator team which specifically trained on legal translations, we are able to provide you translation services with more than 99% accuracy.

If a translation is not compatible with your previous terminologies and content integrity in terms of the language used, it might cause serious problems. Consequently, this might cause you additional expenses and make you lose your precious time. Therefore, it is really important for you to choose translation offices which take their job seriously and carry out legal translations with utmost precision. If you would like us to translate for you with this same precision and due diligence, please contact our office which provides affordable and fast translation service.

If you become a regular customer of ours, we create a special section for you to use your own terms for the following translations. This will allow us to get familiar with your company's terms and be able to use the same terms for every accurate translation. 

Where do we Provide Service for Legal Document Translations?

Not only within the borders of Turkey, you can send us your documents via e-mail from everywhere, including European countries. Assuming that the globalized world has become a village, it is safe to say that we are just a phone call or a mail away for you to reach us.

Wherever you may be, either Kars, Ankara or Çanakkale. We provide translation services in 81 province of Turkey for law offices and lawyers, also individuals who require legal translations to submit it to official authorities or courts.

Also we provide translation services in many countries of Europe, particularly Germany, Austria, Netherlands and France for both individuals who require legal translations and law offices.  

All you have to do is to send your documents to us as e-mail. We will get back to you within 5 minutes during working hours after receiving your documents. We start translating after your approval to deliver your documents back to you as soon as possible.

Therefore, no matter what province or country you are in, in case you require your translations with original wet-ink signature after it has been professionally translated, we are able to send it to you via free shipping with original signature and sworn translator stamp/seal.  

How to Notarize Sworn Translations? What are the Points to Consider?

Documents with legal content are usually requested by the official authorities. These Turkish and European authorities include Courts/, Civil RegistriesMarriage Registry OfficesImmigration OfficesDistrict GovernorshipsProvince GovernorshipsConsulatesPolice Departments and Ministries.

That official authorities listed above usually require translations with wet-ink signature and seal, as 2 copies. Point to consider here is to know what the authority wants and to prepare the documents accordingly. While some authorities require translations to be notarized, some of them only require translations with wet-ink signature and seal, without notarization.

Important thing here is to know the way of work of the authority and to notarize the legal translations if necessary. As Tercümentral, since we know how to proceed with the documents thanks to our experience with hundreds of different documents, we carry out the notarization of the legal translations or just stamp and sign it according to the nature of the document and deliver it to you in the form which required by the authority.

All you need to do is to send us your document to be translated via e-mail. After translating your document, we carry out the notarization process free of charge and we do not ask for any additional service fees for this process. In addition, we deliver a second copy with stamp/signature to you free of charge

Why Should You Care About Quality Certificates?

In today's world, evaluations and examinations are carried out in order to assess world-class professional competence and quality. Translation offices are also able to obtain quality certificates after completing challenging evaluations.

As Tercümentral Translation Office, we are proud to say that we have TS EN ISO 17100:2015 and ISO 9001:2015 quality certificates as well as complying with all legal regulations. All of your documents will be translated professionally by our office with 2 quality certificates and will be edited/controlled before submitting it back to you. 

What are Legal Translation Services? 

Legal documents include the following documents which we provide translation service as Tercümentral Translation Office.


- Translation of Court Documents                - Translation of Legislation Documents                - Translation of Power of Attorney Documents

- Purchase and Sale Contract Translation      -Divorce Decree Translation                                 -Contract and Agreement Translation

-Signatory Circular Translation                     -Administrative Specification Translation             -Court File Translation

-Certificate of Good Standing Translation     -Memorandum Translation                                    -Covenant Translation

-Legal Decree Translation                              -Association Bylaws Translation                           -Lease Contract Translation

-Taxation and Customs Translation               -EU Acquis Translation                                       -Defendant and Attestor Statements Translation

- Domestic and Foreign Legislation Translation  -Distributorship Contract Translation            -Board of Directors Decision Translation

Why should you Trust Tercümentral for your Legal Translations?

Since all we have mentioned above is of vital importance for you, our customers with legal documents to be translated and to avoid any problems that may arise afterwards because of wrong translations, it is important for you to choose to work with Tercümentral Translation Office

You can contact us by phone or e-mail for our free evaluation, affordable notarization and free of charge notary approval service.

After that, we will carry out all that's necessary and deliver your document back to you without any problems.  



Please call us at +90542 276 76 67 or mail us at [email protected]!