Sworn - Notarized Translation

What Is A Sworn Translation, Where And How Is It Done?

Tercümentral is a translation office which provides sworn translation services with experienced and expert staff since 2011. 

One of the first questions that our customers often ask and want to learn in order to meet their needs is "What is Sworn Translation?"

We answer these and similar questions to you and our customers to solve the shortest way to work, at the same time for the most appropriate price to meet the sworn translation needs to answer these and similar questions for you.




♦ What Is Sworn Translation?

Sworn translation is the name given to documents approved by official authorities in Turkey or anywhere in the world.

These documents are prepared by the sworn translators with wet signature and sealed and delivered to our customers. Sworn translation is also known as a notary approved translation.




♦ How Is The Sworn Translation Done?

If you are requested by the Public Authorities, you can get your Sworn Translation Approval free of charge by Tercümentral. The translator who translates your document signs your document and seals it with his/her sworn translator stamp.

The stamp on the document also states the language pair of the translation. Finally Tercümentral Translation office seal gets affixed to the document.

Our translation office does not charge any fees for these transactions and can give you up to 2 copies of the requested documents.



♦ What Is A Notarized Translation?

Some authorities might require the notarization of the document in addition to sworn translator signature. Point to consider here is not to work with translation offices which state that they can provide sworn translation but not notarization afterwards. Tercümentral Translation Office is a Notary approved translation office and is able to provide notarized translation services for many languages.

In order to do this, all you need to do is to send your documents by e-mail to us. First, we carry out the sworn translation work of your documents, and then we notarize them without asking for any service fees for this.



♦ Which Authorities Require A NotarizedTranslation?

Generally, Consulates, Governorate, District Governorate, Security Directorate, Courthouses require the translation of your documents as Notary approved and submitted to them.

Your documents requested by official authorities in Turkey and in the world are prepared and delivered to you free of charge by our translation office.



♦ Which Documents Should Be Certified By A Notary Public?

In Turkey, some official institutions require a notarized translation of the documents we have translated. In addition to the notary certified, sometimes the Apostille is also requested.

In this case, you can have your documents approved in the presence of any notary public in Turkey, or you can get a free notary certification service from the translation office. As Tercümentral Translation Office, we provide two copies of each translation to you free of charge. 


Documents requiring notary approval are as follows:

Diploma Translation

Transcript Translation

Passport Translation

Apostille Translation

Translation of Judicial Register

Bank Statement Translation

Power of Attorney Translation

Letter of Consent Translation

Health Report Translation

Translation Of Tender Documents

Signatory Circular Translation

Tax Certificate Translation

Translation Of Commercial Registry Gazette

Marriage Certificate Translation

Translation Of Birth Certificates

Driver's License Translation

Citizenship Documents Translation

ID Card Translation

Good Standing Certificate Translation

Residence Certificate Translation

Invoice Translation

Signature Authority Certificate Translation

Title Deed Translation

Translation of Visa Documents

Translation of Court Files

Birth Certificate Translation

Student Certificate Translation



♦ What Is the Sworn Translation Price?

In order to learn the prices of Sworn Translation and Notary Certified Translation, please navigate to the Prices section of our website in order to upload your file and get a quote.

Tercümentral Translation Office employs translators who have a certificate of oath who are experts on their fields.