Consecutive and Simultaneous Interpretation

Simultaneous Translation Service

What Is Simultaneous Translation?

The term "Simultaneous" is originated from Latin, meaning "in real time" or "at the same time". The purpose of the simultaneous translation is to be able to provide translation at the same time.  Turkey is among the most performed in the field of languages simultaneous translation in English, German, French, Arabic and Russian languages maintains its place among the most popular. There are some issues to be considered in the simultaneous translations made to other languages that we speak along with Turkish language. You can also be informed about these issues.

The most important thing to be aware of when performing simultaneous translation is that the simultaneous interpreter of the translation have adequate knowledge in both languages. As Tercümentral Translation Office, we are proud to have the best interpreters in Turkey and to aim to provide the best service in this field.

With our Professional Simultaneous Translation service, we provide our customers with the fastest, easiest and most economical translation services using the latest technological systems.

What are the services that the translation office offers to the customers and what kind of information should be given to the customer in this area? You can find answers for this questions below.



♦ What is Professional Simultaneous Translation Service?

Tercümentral Translation Office serves customers with an understanding of quality, trust, speed and reasonable price. Since its foundation, Tercümentral Translation Office, which provides translation services to thousands of customers with these principles, is as close as an email to your customers in the fields of simultaneous interpretation. Tercümentral, who has an expert sworn translator team in his field, passes through each of the interpreters within the body of various criteria and exams and chooses the translators most prone to simultaneous translation.

With the simultaneous translations we have made so far, we are able to continue our progress towards being the best in our field by offering the best reference to our customers. These successes bring quality service to our customers in simultaneous translations and we provide 99% error-free translation by keeping the terminology unified in simultaneous conferences.

In addition, the cabins for simultaneous interpretation are prepared by the Tercümentral Translation Office and the sound system, headphones and other equipment are provided by our office.

After the preparation of the cabin which will be simultaneous translation, the necessary environment for the simultaneous interpreting of the simultaneous interpreters is prepared. Simultaneous interpreter hears the sentences with a help of a microphone and he/she transmits the translation to you via headphones. The most important thing here is that the simultaneous interpreter is understandable, masters the subject and conveys the sentences clearly to you. Therefore, we are trying to give the best of our services to our customers in many previous activities.