The word “simultaneous” means “done at the same time”. Compared to consecutive interpretation, it requires necessary equipment. The equipment required for simultaneous interpretation can be listed as follows: headphones, microphone, soundproof cabinet to host two interpreters and other technical equipment.

The aim of simultaneous interpretation is to convey target language accurately and completely to the audience. We would like to indicate that simultaneous interpretation is a type of interpretation that requires great efforts. In consecutive interpretation, translators wait for the speaker to finish his/her sentence and then a short period is provided for interpreters for interpretation. This situation differs from simultaneous interpretation. In simultaneous interpretation, the interpreters are not provided with a period. For example, simultaneous interpretations are carried out during live broadcast or international conferences. During such speeches, the interpreters are expected to interpret without pause; because they simultaneously interpret the speech of the speaker to the target language. In short, simultaneous interpretation means that while the speaker gives his/her speech, the interpreter speaks at the same time.

Timing is crucial for simultaneous interpretation. Simultaneous interpretation requires experienced interpreters who have the ability to think fast, understand and convey; have great knowledge of both source and target language.

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